As communication networks are developing towards all-optical networks, optical access networks will replace the copper wire access networks gradually. The bandwidth of copper wires will face serious challenges in coming years due to the development of high-speed data service and video service, rapid reduction of the fiber construction cost, fierce competition among operators and support of national policy. It is unavoidable for optical cables to replace copper cables, and optical access will enter an era of large-scale application throughout the world. FTTx refers to the access networking mode in which the fiber is used for the access layer network and made close to the user, or even the fiber is connected to the user directly. With the fiber as the transmission medium, the optical access network shows the strengths of large transmission capacity, high transmission quality, high reliability, long transmission distance, and electromagnetic interference resistance. It is the development trend of future fixed broadband access. In recent years, people’s requirements have stridden from pure voice communications to multimedia communications. As the services including IPTV, HDTV, somatic games and digital home spring up, the traditional access mode cannot meet the increasing bandwidth requirements any more.

With years of technical experience and engineering practice in the communication network field as well as a particular view of the future optical network communication system, CPS provides a full FTTx Portfolio (FTTO, FTTH, FTTB + LAN, … FTTCab + xDSL) solution based on physical connection equipment and components of communication networks for communication networking users at home and overseas, and delivers distribution management products in the fiber mode or fiber-copper combined mode from central office to homes or offices.