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Total cost of ownership ICT infrastructure specialists, providing total solutions and services.


Total cost of ownership focused analysis and fast…


State of the art infrastructure Equipment for cost…

as a Service

Infrastructure buyout, financed optimisation and operation models.

Small Cell

CPS small cell solutions offer new opportunities for modern networks.

OPEX Audit

CPS engineers analyse network infrastructure operational expense and ensure most efficient use of available budgets.

Remote Site Visit

CPS CCTV solution allow remote site surveillance to detect any visual or audio abnormal on site.…

Site Security

CPS site security systems offer the latest surveillance technology for controlled access and intrusion monitoring.


CPS pure solar solutions or solar upgrades support CO2 testimonials and reduce network operation cost.

Hybrid Power Solutions

State of the art hybrid power solutions.

About CPS…

...provides state of the art network infrastructure equipment and services to improve our clients total cost of ownership and cash flow performance. We strive to provide better quality of communication to communities by helping our clients to expand in time and budget network expansions. To preserve the land where we build infrastructure, our goal is to reduce the CO2 footprint to allow sustainable and responsible network operation.

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Products & Services

May - 23

Hybrid Power Solutions

CPS Hybrid & Green energy solution platform adopts to any network requirement. Li-ion Modules with 5 Years performance warranty or…

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May - 23

Site Security Solutions

CPS Site security solutions enable operator and towers to manage site access control and surveillance. Our state of the art…

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May - 23

FTTx Solutions

As communication networks are developing towards all-optical networks, optical access networks will┬áreplace the copper wire access networks gradually. The bandwidth…

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